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I shoot mostly all along the Cronulla Beach front as well as Voodoo, Shark Island, The Point, Solander and even Kurnell Point when it's on. I don't travel overseas much anymore (or not at all since COVID times) so enjoy just shooting locally.

To view the slideshows CLICK ON the RED PHOTOS BUTTON in the Menu Bar at the top of this page. There are many more images in the Slideshows than appear on my Instagram/Facebook posts

I only shoot for fun now and no longer shoot commercially though I do sell image prints on request and can make images available for commercial use if required (see below).

I have lived and surfed in Cronulla my whole life so I do have a good idea what swells work best for the different breaks around Cronulla. I don't shoot everyday, usually only when the surf is good. I generally prefer the afternoons because the light is front lit though I can be found out early in the mornings shooting if the conditions are on. These days I am generally shooting from the beach with my Canon gear and "The Mad Huey", my black and white border collie by my side.

I post some of the images from each shoot on Instagram within 24 hours of shooting. Here is a link to my Surf Images Instagram page


The remainder of the images wil be posted here in high resolution as a slide show throughout the month. Check the Photos link in red at the top of this page for a list of the slideshows.


Images for Personal Use on Social Media

I'm happy to provide a low resolution jpeg file of images posted here free of charge for personal use on Instagram and/or Facebook etc. If you would like a copy of an image of yourself for this purpose  EMAIL ME with the date and place where the image was shot and the image number.

Image Prints

Image prints are available for sale. I use PHOTOKING Pro Lab for printing images. CLICK HERE for print price list.  I do not supply high res image files suitable for printing unless a suitable buyout fee is agreed as I cannot control what happens to the image.

Commercial Use of Images

Commercial use needs to be negotiated with me and a suitable buyout fee agreed.

 Phone: 0417 679 041



Harrison Martin 29 November 2021

Harrison shredding on his Pato (PCC) twin fin flyer rounded pin - dimensons - 5' 6.5", 19.2" wide and 2.32" thick


Harrison absolutely blasting on his Pato twinnie rounded pin.

Cold Water Surf Photography: The Macrocosm of Mark McInnis

A wonderful video by the Surfers Journal on the work of Mark McInnis, an adventure photogapher specialising in surf images

Kipp Caddy, Elouera 7 November 2021

Kipp laying one over early morning at the Elouera Rip Bowl.



Grace Gosby, Midway 22 October 2021

Grace Gosby breaking out the Summer gear a bit too early.


Grace hitting the lip with style.

Oscar Cafe, Elouera 19 October 2021

Oscar Cafe showing some flare at midway. I always have trouble working out who is who when a I spot Oscar and his twin brother Harry out surfing.


Oscar was all over it this morning surfing Midway where he is often found.

Dylan Longbottom, Sunday afternoon 17 October 2021

Dylan surfing Sandshoes his home break when he was a grommet growing up in Cronulla. Dylan has gone full circle once again living back in Cronulla after living and surfing all around the world plying his trade as both a sponsored Billabong surfer and now one of the most respected surfboard shapers for both big and small waves.


Dylan flying through a carving cutback.

Jan Casaceli surfing OTW, Friday morning 1 October 2021

Jan surfing a glassy wall at Off the Wall along the Elouera end of the wall. I first met Jan nearly 30 years ago at Caringbah pool when we were both in Kev Neilson's  swim squad. If Jan is not out surfing or swimming in the ocean she can be often seen walking the Cronulla beach front with her dog Lulu always stopping for a chat with just about everone that walks past.   Being a long time Cronulla resident Jan knows just about everybody in Cronulla.


Jan flying with hair flowing.

Cruz Mckee - Friday 17 September 2021

Cruz Mckee early morning at Elouera pushing some spray in the last of the weeks swell - CLICK HERE to view the sequence with other images shot during this photo session.  

This images was shot with a Canon 1Dx DSLR  and a Canon 800mm f5.6 lens. 


Cruz Mckee

Grace Gosby - Monday 30 August 2021

These images were shot with a Canon 1D Mk IV DSLR and a Canon 300mm f2.8 lens with 2X Teleconverter.